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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Assistant Editor, audio FX guy and occasional composer, Jason Bridges has been with Lumberyard for over five years. When he’s not busy being the polymath at our facility, he’s on stage fronting his frighteningly heavy band, Lowcaster. He also happens to be one of the sweetest people we’ve ever known, but don’t tell his fans.

What brought you to Lumberyard?

Before I worked in Lumberyard I was working at a small Post House/Rental facility for more years than I would like to mention. I was feeling pretty over it when my friend/bandmate, Cris Logan, reached out and told me about an opening at Lumberyard.

Tell us about Lowcaster:

Lowcaster is a progressive-doom-psych-rock-n’-roll band. We hope to add other modifiers to that as we evolve. We’re based in the Bay Area and have been together for about five years.

What do you do in the band?

I play guitar, share lead vocal and songwriting duties as well as do a large part of the sound engineering/mixing of our recorded material.

Any influences?

We are all influenced by 70s guitar rock and punk as well as a lot of 80s metal. We’ve all been in bands that played grunge and post-rock and I personally played in a couple of more pop-y indie rock bands as well as done some more Americana songwriter type stuff. Our drummer was in an electro-clash band as well, so we all have a broad pedigree.

How do you find time to tour?

Well…we don’t anymore. Before the day the music died, AKA, shelter-in-place, we didn’t really tour. We played as far south as San Jose but mostly just gigs in SF and East Bay. We were just about to leave on a 10-day tour on March 13th to Austin when all of our gigs started canceling and then the shelter-in-place was announced shortly after. The joke in the band now is “remember that time we almost went on tour?”

Tell us about the new album?

The new album was really an effort to try to explore more space in our music while maintaining our driving rock n’ roll edge. We spent a lot of time toiling over what not to play a lot of the time and I think we sort of pushed into a more progressive doom direction that still has energy but gains depth from our psych rock influences.

Have you been composing music for Lumberyard?

I have! I’ve slowly been contributing demos for more and more spots. One of my tracks was chosen for a “Mask” PSA produced by Lumberyard, a guitar arrangement of “Amazing Grace”.

Describe the difference between the band and what you do at LY?

Well, I’m the technician in the band so I would say from that respect there’s not a lot of difference. But the creative aspects are pretty different. In Lowcaster, Marc – the other guitar player – and I are the main creative force so there’s a dynamic there that can be challenging at times. In Lumberyard, my role is to help creatives or clients realize their vision to the fullest, which can present a different set of challenges. Definitely a good yin and yang in honing one’s creative craft since sometimes listening and letting go of ego can help the process for all.

Where can people buy/listen the album?

If you want the money to go straight to our pockets, you can buy the album on Band Camp

You can also order from our label’s website:

And, of course, Spotify

Check out the press on the record that can be linked to from our Facebook page: